TI5 was rigged

tyler kowch was the name of the owner of the website then he gave it to me and now all of the posts looks like they’re made by me (i did the shitty story posts and the one pirate preview in reality)

but yeah we made this in like 5th grade and it has a lot of cringe on it that brings back some memories so its ok


Chapter I

Yui looked around.He was amazed winter came so early since his training.Children were running around, throwing snowballs at each other and making snowmen.In Sumeria, a time like this is the moment of a lifetime. But Yui had more important job to do. Hazily, he checked the spots along the port.

Seaman’s Port was made back when the first settlers from Eyrica came to Sumeria. John Smith, the original owner of the port,  owned several bars in both Eyrica and Kathara. The port was originally a hotel for sailors from southern port cities like Arai and Soera. John Smith was no stranger to the forgien language and sometimes even started conversations with them.

First, Yui checked the old Smith Hotel. He saw the archers on their regular schedule defending the hotel. Soon Yui would command a defensive force at the hotel since a notorious king named Bajar will be staying there. Bajar owned most of the southern federations in the region.

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If a pumpkin grows in an empty patch…

…does it make a sound?

Well, I’m not sure if any growing pumpkin makes a sound. But I do know that it’d be a shame to leave the Great Pumpkin Island pumpkin patch empty this week. Those pumpkins are starting to grow, all right. And now, if you visit you can talk to another PEANUTS character!

That’s right, good ol’ Charlie Brown is in the pumpkin patch with Linus, and he’s got plenty to say. Head over to Poptropica and take a look!
Charlie is here! YAHHHHH! And we almost have 2,000 hits! BOOOOOOOOYAHHHHHHHH!

Poptropica Game Cards are available now!

If you’ve been to a Target store recently, you might have seen something interesting in the electronics section. Something that looks a little like this:

Introducing the Poptropica Game Card! Poptropica Members can use Game Cards to extend their existing Memberships by 10 weeks. Non-Members can use them either for a new 10-week Membership, or 1,000 Credits to use in the Poptropica Store. Either way, you win!

Poptropica Game Cards are available now at Target, and are coming soon to many other retailers. You know, the holidays are right around the corner…

As Yui told you earlier, I gave him this site. It was too much for me. I’ll still be posting, but I won’t be in charge.

Steamworks Island is now open to everybody!


Can you solve the mystery of this deserted Island? There’s only one way to find out!

Also, I’m the new owner of TPNF.  Hoping to bring you guys more news than ever before!

Here are three items in the store to pump some power into your party.

The Atomic Power item will generate a lot of atomic energy for you and those who happen to be near you when you punch the power button (space bar.)

The fireworks are another new item in the store. Just launch them and watch the fireworks shower above. I recommend using them on top of a tall building on Spy Island, or at the Pirate Outpost. Just try not to light them too close to the gun powder on Pirate Outpost. We don’t want to have to release an injured victim outfit in the store.

And last, don’t forget those Silly Streams. Always fun for spraying at friends, and innocent mimes that are often too easy of a target.

All week we’ve been showing you sneak peeks of the newest Poptropica island currently in development, and we’ve promised to reveal the island’s name.

The time has come. My fellow Poptropicans, the Poptropica creators are proud to announce their newest creation:

STEAMWORKS ISLAND is coming soon!

Make sure to visit the official Poptropica creators’ blog often for the latest news and announcements about Steamworks Island, including some of the incredible gameplay features we have in store.

Yesterday to keep the sneak peeks rolling out the door, we showed concept sketches of dynamite for the new island.

Here is the finished version. This is something that you are not allowed to hold while chasing your brothers around the campfire.

Look at all those gauges and wires. I had to read a 500 page manual to learn how to use it properly. Though, I accidentally discovered that throwing it works too.

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of the design style of some of these items, can you guess what kind of island this is going to be?

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the announcement of the new island name!

You dyna-might want to take a look at this next item. Ok, I know that was a terrible joke.

Take a gander at these sketches of dynamite. This explosive gadget is a little more complicated than the stick of clay you are used to seeing.

Come back tomorrow to see the final image of this dynamite with some color. And don’t forget that on Friday, we’re revealing the name of the new island for the first time.
Yesterday, we introduced a handy tool that you will need for the next Poptropica island, called the “Multi Tool.” I can imagine that you may be thinking, “Multi Tool?…Hmmm…It must be used for multiple tasks.”

It’s true that this device will do more than open a can of soup.

This is not the only tool you will need to make your way through the next Poptropica adventure. Tomorrow we will show you another inventory item that you are certain to have a blast using.
Many of you have noticed that there is a new Poptropica island in the works. We’ve decided to share a few sneak peeks of this mysterious, mechanical island.

You’ll need a few gadgets to get past some tricky puzzles and wacky, wild monsters — and I’m not talking about your dad’s pocket knife.

Here are a couple of gizmos that you won’t find in your home toolbox. One of these will help you on your quest to victory, cheering fans, and instant popularity…well, at least victory.

“Multi Tool”? Hmm, what do you think it does?

Come back all week for more sneak peeks. Then, on Friday, we’ll announce the name of the new island. You’ll get it here first, so keep those eyeballs glued to the blog for more exciting peeks.