(Yes, this is a novel im working on)

You know that feeling you get in your stomach? The “butterflys”. What a name, what a name. I still remember that day. 2089, at Moon Outpost Uria I. We all saw a ship. An abnormal ship. Almost surrealistic. It landed on the far side. I turn back to our once great earth. 32 years ago, I think. I was eighteen. They had created a new vacine called Oia 245. Everyone was getting it. It was said to bring enternal life. But it went wrong. All wrong. Our great world went into chaos.All of us got evacuated to several different outposts. Uria I, Sulnan IV, Reiven XI, and Donian VIII. A group of officals came to the landing point of the aircraft. They never returned. We we’re all scared. Yet, we knew something had to be done.