As I still stand at my window, thinking about the officers, someone passes by me. The cold air stays in the same spot, but slowly disapears. “Who’s there?” I ask, but no answer. I look around, but I dont see anything. Right before I get back to the window, I see something in the corner of my eye. Its… horns? I go back to the spot. Nothing there. I go to get my shotgun in my basement. I still remember that horrific day. They killed my father, and I killed them. I killed them with there own. I killed them. KILLED them.

As I go back in the basement where my shotgun was, I see footsteps on the ground. I ignore them and keep moving. I open the cupboard to where my gun was and…  ITS GONE. I hurry back to upstairs, where I hear thumping. I grab a vase, and slowly go toward the thumping. Then, I hit whatever it is in the head. It goes down to the ground, covered in blood. “**** it, David!!!” he said. I saw his face and noticed them it was the  head of officers in Uria, Major Calrone.” Sorry, sir.” I said. “I didnt mean-” “**** you, if I could, I would kill you with your own ****ing rifle right now!!!” he iterupts. Then I look at him. He looks at me. “Sorry, son.” he says, “Go upstairs with the shotgun while I board up the windows and doors.”

“But why? Whats happening?” I ask. “Its the president. He wants everyone near the far side of the moon, which means Uria and Sulnan, to defend thereselves.” “What, an upcomming alein invasion?” I joke, but Calrone has a serious look on his face. “David” he says. “The police found them.”  “Are they alive?” I ask.  “No,” he says. “They’ve been cut in half.”