This should cover up some things that I secretly put on this blog.

Me and Ryan keep walking to the station.”So, how long have you been in the force?” Ryan said, his leg still bleeding. “I was never in the force.” I reply. “Then how did you get that shotgun?” asked Ryan. I didnt answer. I didnt want too. It didnt seem right.

We arive at the Gas Station. I try to open the door, put it doesnt budge. “Doors locked.” I say. ” **** knobbed doors” Ryan says, and with a mighty kick of the foot that isnt wounded, knocks down the door. We keep looking around, but see no one. “Hello?” we say together at once. We look everywhere, but finally I hear Ryan say ” David, I think you got to take a look at this.” We go over to the register counter, and find something disturbing.

“He’s dead” Ryan says, “Poor guy”.  On the ground, there was a dead body, which had a nametag that said “Jim”. “Poor Jim.” Ryan says. “Hey whats that..” I say. Ryan lifts up the body and we both gasp.On his stomach, the numbers  588 were carved into it. “Oh my god, They got him.”

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