Its more of like a journal kind of book, and its another fiction one. I dont want to give it all away, so I wont say much, all I’ll say is that its coming out this week. The reason I didnt finish Empty World  is because it was wayyyy too long, and it kinda got alittle old by Chapter 14. I will tell you the summary, though.

Empty World:

As you know, a group of colonists live at outposts on the Moon, some did on Mars, also. The Earth was destroyed NOT because of the drug,  what David thinks. Have you ever heard movie previews for The Road? Thats what the story is like. Calrone gets killed by whatever those things are, and then it is only Ryan and David, living to go no where. Then that changes, when they found a girl named Bess. Yeah, to make the long story short, they become the only humans on the moon, Ryan kills Bess and eats her, and David does the same to Ryan, and then David shoots himself. That’s the summary.

Now do you think you wanted to know, Tyler?