Guard: Halt, who are you?

Secretary: President of Haiti.

Guard: Fine, you can go in.

*goes in*

Obama: You got past the guards?

Secretary: It’s pretty easy now.

Obama: Oh well. Anyway, news report.

Secretary: In New Orleans, anti republicans are burning Ronald Reagan posters.

Obama: Since the Saints are going to the super bowl…

Naked fan outside office: WEWT! WHO DAT!

Obama: Alright… wait, I’m getting a messege on the holocron.

*Person apears on holocron*

Military Advisor: Hello sir, I see the holocrons are working?

Obama: Yes, there working fine.

MA: Good. Anyway, we have some Taliban forces that attacked our embassy in Pakistan.

Obama: They were insulted by the ads weren’t they?

MA: They say cavemen are facist.

Obama: Alright, time for plan B….