Warning: Spoilers


The Taverns is a horror game made by the creators of the Bioshock series. The story is about 32 year old Jacob Shepard going on a ghosthunting venture to a series of mines called The Taverns, after 7 weeks ago, his daughter, Maria Shepard, mysteriously disapears. But what Jacob doesn’t know is his worst nightmares, and greatest dreams, will be revealed.The game has a series of 101 alternate endings, which in the demo for this game, 56 were issued. 


Name: Jacob Shepard

Age: 32

Husband, married to Jenny Shepard

Occupation: Unknown

Name: Shelby Bixon

Age: 29

Not married

Occupation: Unknown

Name: Frank Buorn

Age: 45

Unknown if married.

Occupation: Miner

Name: Maria Shepard

Age: 13

Occupation: Student at Graton Middle School


Insane Miners: Miners that survived the mines being destroyed, but went insane. Most of these happen to be doctors.

Natives: These are unknown human creatures just to be known as “Natives”. They seem to mess with charater’s thoughts.

I’ll be making a little thing about the cutscenes on my Story page.

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