Yes, I know. You’ve just met me. You found this and said, “Heck, I’ll read it.”. However, after reading this, you may learn that we may be related more than you think now. First, I’ll start off with an introduction. My name is Ryan Andrews. Pretty normal, eh? Well, good. Because I just learned it’s not my real name. I won’t get too much into details. Anyway, do you have ADHD? Hard to read English because of Dyslexia? Have hobbies that some gods have, or your just good at those? (Yes, when I said “Gods” I meant “Greek Gods”) Having rabid evil Greek monsters trying to hunt you down and kill you? If you have any or all of these, we might just be cousins. So, why do I say that? Well, better read the story first, because this is just the prologue. Believe this story or not, either way it’s real. Don’t be surprised if you get attacked by a Minotaur or a Fury just by reading this book. Remember, thinking sometimes pays, no matter who you are.

Chapter 1

The rain tattered on the windows. Just another rainy day in Boston, I thought to myself. I was in my room, reading a book (I won’t get THAT far into specifics.). This storm had been greater than the usual, though. As you know, my name is Ryan Andrews, and I’m 12. My sister, who is 16, named Kathy Andrews, was in the kitchen. She said she was microwaving the dinner mom left us, but I wasn’t that stupid to know she was probably texting her friends. I heard some thunder, and jumped. Just some lighting, Ryan. I thought, trying to calm my nerves. But there was something else about this, something that made this lightning storm bigger.


The next thing I heard was my sister screaming. We lived in a pretty small house, and basicly every noise viberated off the walls. Which made it pretty simple to hear my parents conversations from 3 rooms away. I ran into the kitchen to figure out what the noise was, and I found my sister face to face with some bull looking thing.

Only it wasn’t a bull. It walked like a human, and was about 7 feet tall. It had horns like a bull, it’s eyes fiery red. It sniffed the air and then looked at me. Kathy looked like she was about to pass out, and my legs were shaking (Half from seeing that bull man and half from peeing my pants for the very first time since I was 7). It started running toward me, and I ran for my life. Rain hit the windows, and thunder could be heard distantly. I ran into my room, barely making it before the bull caught me.

After that seemed like a blur.

All of a sudden I was angry at it, and jumped on it. It seemed like I was playing God of War 3, only in real time. It kept trying to shake me off, but I held a firm grip. I got to the top of my head, still having know clue what I was doing, and started punching it. It nearly shook me off, but I amazingly hanged on. Then I remembered. A Minotaur can only be killed by its horns. I don’t know if that was true or not, and I didn’t know if it was a Minotaur, but it was the only weapon I had at the moment. I yanked at the horn, trying to take it out. The Minotaur roared in pain, and started stumbling. I decided Kathy was calling, or already called, 9-1-1 by now. I once again nearly fell off, but I tried to hold as much of a grip as I could. Finally, I heard a cracking noise, and the next thing I saw was the horn in my hand. The Minotaur roared louder than he did before. Quickly, I stabbed it in between the eyes, and he fell down on my bed, and broke the frame, dead. My first thought was, What the hell was that?, and my sister came coming in the room. I jumped off the bull, thinking she would hug me. But instead, the first thing she said was “I’m telling mom!”