This is only what I THINK the island will be like, so no real spoilers. I’ll also be doing this from now on. This is based on of the information I have received.

Part I: Beginning

1. You will have to do a mini quest for either a retired pirate captain or an active one. Once you beat his quest, you get to have one of his/her ships.

2. You will have to build a crew. You will probably have to persuade NPCs (Non-Players Characters) to join your crew by doing certain mini quests for them. It will actually be unlikely for the ability to recruit players in multi, for they would want you to be on their crew too. You could find pirate crew NPCs at Taverns or Ports.

Part II: Setting sail

1. Enemy ships, such as British ships, Colonial ships ( As shown in first sneak peek photo), Spanish, Pirate, French, etc will be spawned at random locations. Defeat them to collect your booty (No, I mean “treasure”)

2. You could be able to go to other mini islands to find buried treasure. You could buy shipments for trade at shops (Such as Apple Cider (Substitute for Rum), seeds (Depicted), and other various objects). You could also buy upgrades for your ship (Port) or swords and pistols (shops)

Part III: Main Quest

Once you’ve done that for a while, you must defeat a king pirate to be ruler of the seas! The boss will most likely be either Edward Teach (Blackbeard), Jolly Roger, or maybe even Davy Jones! When you take the treasure from them, you will be rewarded with a medallion and 100 credits!

Part IV: Features we hope to see

– A kraken battle, or any other various sea monster

– The ability to go multiplayer and join someone else crew, they can board their captain’s ship.

– The ability to have more than one ship.


– The ability to buy upgrades with credits.

– The hope that there will be extra mini quests to earn credits

– The hope that it will only come out one or two weeks early for members

Here are two pirate costumes: and

Heres the symbol on the map:


Remember, this is only a prediction, no real stuff! I will also work on the Walk-Throughs more while Tkowch2 is gone.