Xexon Valsi:Founder, Administrator, and 2IC. I am 15 and live in the Atlantis Complex, in the year 17 A.W. My Poptropica name is Blue Rider. 


 Graham:Sub-Graphics Dude, 3IC and Author. I am 10 and live in the U.S.A. My Poptropica name is Spotted Bubbles.


 Curious Dragon:4IC  and Contributor.I am 9 and live in Rahway, New Jersey. My Poptropica name is Curious Dragon.


Planet Hippo:Contributor and 4IC.I am 8 and live in Doha,Qatar. My Poptropica name is Zippy Hippo


 Yui810: Administrator,1IC, Currently Owner of TPNF, and CEO of Mikkin Muffins Inc. . I am 15 and live in Manchester, Britain. I have no clue what my Poptropican is actually called, so I just call him the Man in Black.


IC=In Charge


2 Responses to “About Page”

  1. yui810 Says:

    I’m going on strike until you change yours to real information.

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