If a pumpkin grows in an empty patch…

…does it make a sound?

Well, I’m not sure if any growing pumpkin makes a sound. But I do know that it’d be a shame to leave the Great Pumpkin Island pumpkin patch empty this week. Those pumpkins are starting to grow, all right. And now, if you visit you can talk to another PEANUTS character!

That’s right, good ol’ Charlie Brown is in the pumpkin patch with Linus, and he’s got plenty to say. Head over to Poptropica and take a look!
Charlie is here! YAHHHHH! And we almost have 2,000 hits! BOOOOOOOOYAHHHHHHHH!

You found me! Special thanks to the winner…


No one found me. I luckily found my own way out. After Binary Bard sold me to pirates, I learned about a new Island in the making Skullduggery! I found a paper…

Skullduggery Island

A new adventure is coming soon to Poptropica, Skullduggery Island! Click on the image below to get your Skullduggery Wallpaper.

Skullduggery Wallpaper – 1024×768
Also try and complete the new HURRICANE QUEST!

Hello. Agent Y Here. We are currently on the look out for any thing associating this hurricane.

Quickly go to Hurricane Island to start your quest.

Don’t click here!

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…

Since Mythology Island is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to offer a cool new item in our store…




Note that the word mythology has a trident, skull, and lightning bolt. These are the symbols of Zeus (lightning bolt; God of the Sky), Poseidon (trident; God of the Seas), and finally Hades (Skull; God of the Underworld).


Happy Birthday Einstein!

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879. To celebrate his birthday, there is an outfit that comes with a free chapter from a book called, “Who Was Albert Einstein?” Now you can look just as smart as Einstein, as you think deep thoughts, and read about his life.

To formulate a powerful equation, hit the space bar.

avatar image

And in even more epicness…
Doctor Hares Secret Lair is out in the Poptropica Store! You buy it for 250 credits!
And  The Poptropica News-Flash has got 800 hits! Thanks every one!

YEA!!!!!! We have 521 hits! Thank you every one for viewing our blog! When we get 1,000 hits we will have a “mind blowing ” experince!