On this episode of the podcast, we talk about some brand new Facebook and Sarah Jeong drama, Apex Legend’s rapid success, and diversity hiring.



In this episode, we talk about the top game publishers of 2018, feminine insect phalluses, VR escape rooms, and the dangers of social media.


In this episode, we discuss some internet security issues in 2019, the North Sentinel Island, the resilience of CostCo, and some space debris fireworks.


In this episode, we discuss the new controversial Yiik game, Chris Hansen’s arrest, Amazon’s free sample experiment, and more.


In this episode, we go over some of the hot (and not so hot) innovations that have come out of CES 2019, including smart assistants for your toilet. We also go over the medical advancement and cancer and how alcohol messes more with memory than you might think.


In this episode, we talk about the history of speedrunning as well as go over some of Nintendo’s best (and worst) gimmicks.


In this episode, we go over the year in review and discuss some of my favorite music, movies, and games.

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