Cheat codes for Poptropican

ctrl+shift+r = Randomize your Poptropican

ctrl+shift+p = Poptropicans puts on a pumpkin mask

ctrl+shift+s = Changes your Poptropicans skin color

ctrl+shift+h = Changes your Poptropicans hair color.

ctrl+shift+1 =Your Poptropicans does the laughing emote.

ctrl+shift+2 =Your Poptropicans does the crying emote.

ctrl+shift+3 =Your Poptropicans does the angry emote.

ctrl+shift+4 =Your Poptropicans does the happy emote.

ctrl+shift+F4= A bunch of words appear on the main screen. Do the combination again to remove it.

ctrl+shift+F12= A white bar will appear at the bottom of the gamescreen, and you can type in it. If you can’t get the white bar to appear, try clicking on the Poptropica screen and pressing the F12 button again.

Phone Codes:

1225=Santa Hat and Sack
911=Police Outfit
411=Brain Helmet
1337 =Nerdy Outfit (Comic Kid/Ned Noodlehead)

Fun stuff:

Go to Time Tangled Island. When you get out of the blimp, you will see a crab. Press on it 10 times and it will blow up!

This only works when you have finished Nabooti Island. Go in the Nabooti African Museum. Walk to where the alien totem pole stood. Now, jump up the two wooden platforms sticking out of the wall. Jump into the air. Keep doing this until you are standing in mid air! There are a 3 spaces that you can stand on.


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  1. christopher Says:

    cheats for poptropican credits and dubbaloons

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