*Fourth Island
        *Normal Graphics
        *Dr. Hare is bad guy

Walk Through:

 First, go to the old farmhouse (left).  Go on the roof, and enter through the chimney. Grab the bowl by the couch and go to the Carrot King Diner (right). Ask the waitress to fill the bowl with milk. Go back to the barn. Your Poptropican will drop off the milk. Now go onto the boxes to the right. Jump up to the light cord and climb up. Go all the way to the left until you see a shower. Turn the shower on and the cat will come out. Chase the cat down to the first   floor.  She will drink the milk and follow you. Go back to Charlies and return her cat. She gives you a crowbar. Go all the way right until you get to the factory.Once you get there climb up to the roof and you will see a blueprint sticking out of a boarded up window. Grab this. Keep going and then jump off the roof. Click on the pipe. your character will open it with the crowbar. Go inside. once you get in there, walk to the left, until you see the carrot transporter. pick it up. Now jump on the ledge to the left. Run across the first two and then try running across the other 2 (WARNING THIS IS HARD) Then jump up and you will see a rat. Wait until the rat goes to the left side and go up to the hole in the ceiling. Now wait for the rat to go right, run to the left, jump up to the ledge like the one you saw at first and go up. Now go to the left and you will see a the master machine. The two end knobs go in the middle and the middle one goes on the bottom.  Go to the right and jump on the boxes until you reach the top table and then jump on the magnet looking thing. Once you get to the other side enter the air vent. You are now in the air vent!. Look in the corner, you will see a blueprint. Click on it and go over to the processing room but don’t enter it. just grab the pliers  by the entrance to it. Go to the freezer. Go to the floor and click the box that says security system. Now go to the printing room. Pass the crates and go to the floor. Go to the left until you see a girl with bunny ears. Click on her. Choose the third answer. Turn her hat off. She will give you a password. Go to the processing room. Go to the floor. There are two boys with the mind controlling hats on, so do the same with them as the girl. Now go to the right and click the door. You will go through a trap door which leads you to a bunny hat. Just run past the smashing stuff and fire so you can get your bunny ears. Now you exit. Put on the bunny ears and do the same thing that led you to the bunny ears. Take a few steps forward and Dr. Hare will talk to you. He will tell you to get in the cock pit. Climb up the rabbot and jump to the right. Take the rabbit ears off the boy’s head and click the computer. Type in with the keyboard, fuzzybunny (With no spaces.) Now type launch rabbot (With spaces.) Grab the red rod and make the rabbot hit asteroids until it blows up. Talk to the mayor to get the Island Medallion!


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