*The first Island on Poptopica.
         *Half of the Island is old graphics.
         *There is no real bad guy here.

Walk Through:

 Go down the manhole under your blimp and go to the far right and get the Prized Porker. Go to Poptropica Towers and go to the top of the skyscraper on the far left by climbing other skyscrapers first.Climb up the vine and go right and click on the Giant. He will say, “I lost my egg in a place with no light.Bring it to me, and you can pass to the right.” Go back down the vine, past Main Street, and go to Early Poptropica. Talk to the third guy you see (Has Neon Green strap on his hat) and he will thank you for returning his pig. Go to the last building on the right, just before the harbor, and climb the rope. The guy on the tower will say that the Town’s Signal Flag is missing. Climb back down and go down the well. Push the box onto the seesaw thing to the left again the one below that to the left. Push the box as far to the right as it can go without falling off (dont worry, if it falls, another one will regenerate back at the top) and quickly run to the left of the see-saw and then to the next above and to the left of that. You could also just push the box to the middle of the second see-saw, jump on the box, and then to the third see-saw. Jump up and grab the glow-stick. Go back out and go all the way to the first manhole that was under the blimp. This time, go down and to the left. If you went that way before, now your glow-stick will light the way. Climb up the rope at the far left, climb up the second rope on the far right, (ignore the rope in the middle, it leads to a dead end.) Go to the left until you see a wall. Climb up the rope, go left again, and get the golden egg. If you get lost, the messages on the walls will clue you in. Go back out and go back to the giant and give him the egg. He will say, Because you have brought me that which I need, I lift my club and you may proceed. Go all the way to the right (you can’t get to the exit hole yet because the shovel is in your way), just past the giant food, and get the water bucket. Go right again and use the propellers on the jet to get over the rocket. Grab the jet pack and go back to the left, past the giant food, and fly in between the vine and the shovel and go down the hole. Get the signal flag thats on the water tower. Go back to Early Poptropica and talk to the guy standing near the well and give him the water bucket. Go up to the tower and talk to that guy and give him the signal flag. Go down and to the right onto the boat. Talk to the captain and he will give you the Island Medallion.

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