*Second Island released
         *Normal Graphics
         *Shark is the bad guy

Walk Through:

You start out at the dock. The first person you see is a vendor, and he will give you a shark fin for free (Even though this is not needed). Farther to the right, you will see a Coconut Cafe and a vendor selling coconut milk. Coconut Cafe is a multiplayer room, and you need the Coconut milk for the quest. Next you will see the tourism center and the shark musuem. Ignore these buildings, and keep going right to the ancient ruins.  Dodge any cocnuts that fall down from the tree, and keep going until you see a stone square. Push it to the tree, and climb up the rope (George, George, George of the jungle!). Climb up to the top wooden platform and jump down on top of the Ruins. You will find a peice of paper, collect it.

Go to Booga Bay. There will be yet ANOTHER vender selling grass skirts. This you will need. Go back to the ancient ruins. Enter the ruins.


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