*Sixth Island
*Normal Graphics
*Bad guy is the leader of B.A.D.
*You get cool gadgets

Walk Through:

Go to the Headquarters building, top floor, and talk to Director D of the spy agency. He will tell you about three missing spies and give you a Message Decoder.  You will encounter several friendly agents who will share information with you.The first directs you to the  Bistro, where you will need to get the fingerprint of the “leader” of B.A.D. To do this, you will need to get a job as a chef and steal the bad guy’s wine glass. To escape with it,
climb through the exhaust fan in the kitchen and jump along the ceiling light fixtures.
At the Eye Doctor, you will not be trusted by the doctor. However, once you have spoken to
another agent, he will tell you how to take the eye test (choose the opposite, left to
right or up instead of down symbols) to show you are a trusted agent.
Go upstairs and the doctor will let you in the secret spy laboratory. Get the special
Chameleon Suit that he’s developed. When you are standing still, you will be completely
invisible to your enemies.
Go back to the dock, and climb up the roof, using the chameleon suit to evade the guards
(and dogs!). Enter the vent and make your way downstairs until you reach the locked vault.
Go though the ceiling to rescue the agent inside. He will knock out the guards and open
the bottom door for you. He will also give you the Laser Pen, and a clue to B.A.D.’s evil
Go back to the right, and you will get information from another agent, who gives you the
Secret File. Graffiti on the next building will tell you how to read the message in it.
(Somebody can’t be trusted. It reads “Don’t trust Director D”)
Climb the building with the electric shock fields (this takes careful timing) until you
reach the attic. Cut through the bars with your laser pen. The second spy is inside and
will give you his Grappling Bow Tie, with which to reach tall locations. He will also give
you the second of three clue cards.
Go up to the rooftops on Balding Avenue, and grapple left to the tall building, then left
again to avoid the guard. You will encounter another spy on the roof, who will tell you to
go RIGHT to the other tall antenna. This leads to a greenhouse, where the third spy is
held in a locked cage, which your Laser Pen won’t cut. To open the cage, go down past the
carnivorous plants (they bite) and find the Cherry Bomb tree. You can release a Cherry
Bomb from the tree, and it will explode about 40 seconds later. Push it left onto the
Trampoline Plant, and it will be thrown up higher. Climb up, avoid the plants, and push it
left again onto the second Trampoline Plant. This will bounce it up to the cage but you
have to climb up to re-position it before it explodes. The released spy will give you her
UltraVision goggles, so that you can see the laser beams around the B.A.D. hiding place.
You also get the final clue about the spies’ evil plan.
Go to the far right, put on the goggles, and make your way through the lasers. Climb up
the right side of the building and then move up and left until you can enter the hideout.
(The lasers will knock you down a lot, but not harm you.)
Use the “fingerprint” to enter the lair’s electronic security.
Director D has somehow gotten in the lair as well, and you will use the three password
codes (LASER HAIR REMOVAL)to reactivate the transporter to the laser satellite.
Unfortunately, D is a bald baddie himself. Follow him up to the satellite and will sic his
mini-bot guards on you. Avoid the robot’s zaps and lead it to a yellow power globe, which
will send electricity through its plug and destroy it. Three more mini-bots will attack,
and there are three more globes (two at the top of the room, two at the bottom).
*IF THE GAME FREEZES : sorry, nothing to do but reset the game from when you entered the
B.A.D. area.
When his bots are destroyed, the evil director will begin zapping you with his flying
control room. You will have to use the Bow Tie to reach the top of his machine. Each time
he flies into the ceiling to knock you loose, he will damage his machine. After 3
crunches, he is powerless and is taken into custody. You become a Director and get the
island medal.

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