You know that feeling you get in your stomach? The “butterflies”. What a name, what a name. I still remember that day. 2089, at Moon Outpost Uria I. We all saw a ship. An abnormal ship. Almost surrealistic. It landed on the far side. I turn back to our once great earth. 32 years ago, I think. I was eighteen. They had created a new vaccine called Oia 245. Everyone was getting it. It was said to bring eternal life. But it went wrong. All wrong. Our great world went into chaos.All of us got evacuated to several different outposts. Uria I, Sulnan IV, Reiven XI, and Donian VIII. A group of officials came to the landing point of the aircraft. They never returned. We we’re all scared. Yet, we knew something had to be done.

Chapter 1

As I still stand at my window, thinking about the officers, someone passes by me. The cold air stays in the same spot, but slowly disappears. “Who’s there?” I ask, but no answer. I look around, but I don’t see anything. Right before I get back to the window, I see something in the corner of my eye. Its… horns? I go back to the spot. Nothing there. I go to get my shotgun in my basement. I still remember that horrific day. They killed my father, and I killed them. I killed them with their own. I killed them. KILLED them.

As I go back in the basement where my shotgun was, I see footsteps on the ground. I ignore them and keep moving. I open the cupboard to where my gun was and…  IT’S GONE. I hurry back to upstairs, where I hear thumping. I grab a vase, and slowly go toward the thumping. Then, I hit whatever it is in the head. It goes down to the ground, covered in blood. “**** it, David!!!” he said. I saw his face and noticed them it was the  head of officers in Uria, Major Calrone.” Sorry, sir.” I said. “I didn’t mean-” “**** you, if I could, I would kill you with your own ****ing rifle right now!!!” he interrupts. Then I look at him. He looks at me. “Sorry, son.” he says, “Go upstairs with the shotgun while I board up the windows and doors.”

“But why? Whats happening?” I ask. “Its the president. He wants everyone near the far side of the moon, which means Uria and Sulnan, to defend themselves.” “What, a upcomming alien invasion?” I joke, but Calrone has a serious look on his face. “David” he says. “The police found them.”  “Are they alive?” I ask.  “No,” he says. “They’ve been cut in half.”

Chapter 2

Me and Ryan keep walking to the station.”So, how long have you been in the force?” Ryan said, his leg still bleeding. “I was never in the force.” I reply. “Then how did you get that shotgun?” asked Ryan. I didn’t answer. I didn’t want too. It didn’t seem right.

We arrive at the Gas Station. I try to open the door, put it doesn’t budge. “Doors locked.” I say. ” **** knobbed doors” Ryan says, and with a mighty kick of the foot that isn’t wounded, knocks down the door. We keep looking around, but see no one. “Hello?” we say together at once. We look everywhere, but finally I hear Ryan say ” David, I think you got to take a look at this.” We go over to the register counter, and find something disturbing.

“He’s dead” Ryan says, “Poor guy”.  On the ground, there was a dead body, which had a name tag that said “Jim”. “Poor Jim.” Ryan says. “Hey whats that..” I say. Ryan lifts up the body and we both gasp.On his stomach, the numbers  588 were carved into it. “Oh my god, They got him.”

Chapter 3-14

As you know, a group of colonists live at outposts on the Moon, some did on Mars, also. The Earth was destroyed NOT because of the drug,  what David thinks. Have you ever heard movie previews for The Road? Thats what the story is like. Calrone gets killed by whatever those things are, and then it is only Ryan and David, living to go no where. Then that changes, when they found a girl named Bess. Yeah, to make the long story short, they become the only humans on the moon, Ryan kills Bess and eats her, and David does the same to Ryan, and then David shoots himself. That’s the summary.


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