Chapter I

Yui looked around.He was amazed winter came so early since his training.Children were running around, throwing snowballs at each other and making snowmen.In Sumeria, a time like this is the moment of a lifetime. But Yui had more important job to do. Hazily, he checked the spots along the port.

Seaman’s Port was made back when the first settlers from Eyrica came to Sumeria. John Smith, the original owner of the port,  owned several bars in both Eyrica and Kathara. The port was originally a hotel for sailors from southern port cities like Arai and Soera. John Smith was no stranger to the forgien language and sometimes even started conversations with them.

First, Yui checked the old Smith Hotel. He saw the archers on their regular schedule defending the hotel. Soon Yui would command a defensive force at the hotel since a notorious king named Bajar will be staying there. Bajar owned most of the southern federations in the region.


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