The Protectors: Book I: Solstice

Chapter 1

Terrier High School shined brighter then most days today. The only reason it is, though, it the fact that it is the beggining of the spring solstice. Most of the High Schoolers were just outside the main building, talking and laughing.

 Though no one noticed the red corvette leaned against the curve, with the glare of the sun shinning across the wheels. The driver of that car was David Bectham, the new student at Terrier. He waited inside the car, looking for some people inpaticular.

Kid with the red stripped shirt? No. How about that one? Nada. When will I ever find these-

Finally, David found what he was looking for.

 On the left wall near the tree in the center court of the school was a group of kids, and, like the other kids, talking and laughing. One was a tall caucasian,  with crisp blonde hair, wearing a red hoodie with a skull patch on the front. The other was a young girl, much smaller then the two men, which were bound to be already 6 feet tall. She had long, dark brown hair, wearing an average T-Shirt and jeans. And finally, there was an African American. Not as tall as the blonde, but more body built, and with a baseball cap.

 David stepped out from the corvette, all of a sudden looking like a high schooler more then he was when he was in the car, with a 5 o’clock shadow. He shut the door to his corvette, and started walking toward the group. He heard a couple of people say “Nice car, dude.” but ignored them. Then, dumbstruck,  he heard the school bell ring, and teens started piling into the school.


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