Cutscene 1: Begining.


Jacob: *Drinking water*

Name caller person: Jacob Shepard?

Jacob: *Stands up and goes to NCP’s desk* Yes?

NCP: You’ll be in group 16.

Jacob: Aight. Where’s that located?

NCP: On the left out in the hall.

Jacob: Thanks.

*Goes out and into room 16*

Instructor: Well, this is the most dangerous ghost hunting group. So be aware.

Teenager: Yeah, whats going to happen? Ghosts are going to eat us or something?

*Everybody laughs except Instructor*

Instructor: No, but the mine is very unstable.

Jacob: Oh, thats always nice to hear.

Instructor: Alright, quit calling out. Before we go into the cave, we’ll need to know more about it. *Instructor keeps talking but is blurred out*

Teen: Hey, how old are you?

Jacob: 32.

Teen: Hm. Why you here?

Jacob: *Hesitates* I… don’t know.


Shelby: So, what’s your name?

Jacob: Jacob Shepard.

Shelby: Well, my name is- Oh, your- I’m so sorry.

Jacob: Don’t remind me. I know Shepard and Jacob are bad names together.

*”That Haunting Melody” plays in the distance*

Instructor: Hm, looks like you people are on to something. Go check it out!

Jacob: Ladies first.

Shelby: Your too afraid, aren’t you?

Jacob: No, I’m trying to be polite.

*Shelby crosses her arms*

Jacob:… Fine. *goes around corner and sees dead body*

*Rocks starts falling down and there’s screaming, then everything goes black*

Cutscene 2:  Talking to Frank about… Politics.

*Both walking*

Jacob: So… What do you think about the war in Afghanistan?

Frank: What? What ever happened to Vietnam?

Jacob: Oh yeah, you were in here for 20 years. Well we lost that one, then we had a war in Iraq, we semi won that one, now we’re in Afghanistan.

Frank: I’ve never even HEARD of those.

Jacob: Well… I think we should just pull out. They don’t have alot of nukes, and it’s not like they’re going to invade.

Frank: Well maybe they wil-

Jacob: Frank, They’ll have to go to the Med or Arabian seas, which they’re not even CLOSE too, and they’re poor. What chould they have? Maybe they’ll have battleships.. made out of WOOD. I mean, seriously.

Frank: Well, I WISH you would’ve told me that.

Cutscene 3: Maria is ALIVE. (Warning: Dramatic. REALLY dramatic.)

Native: *Screeches*

Maria: No, please, NO!

Native: *Stabs Maria with claws from chin, then pulls it out*

Jacob: NO! *Shoots native*

Maria: Uh…. Dad?

Jacob: *Hugs Maria* Oh my god.. Me and Jenny were so worried about you. I was right now too. Where were you?

Maria: I went on a little hike with my friends.. They dared me and another one of my friends to go in the cave… *Starts crying* they started worrying about us, and went in. And now.. They’re all dead…

Jacob: *Hesitates and starts crying a little*

Frank: Hey, Shepard. Sorry to ruin the family reunion, but we need to get moving before more of those come.

Jacob: *Picks up Maria* Let’s get moving.


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