In this relatively short episode, we solely discuss Microsoft open-sourcing its patents and Discord’s arbitration clause. Yup. That’s literally it. Nothing else. Promise.


After a week-long break, we come back to the podcast to discuss the Brazilian Elections as well as the newest anime craze.

In this episode, we cover a little bit more of the Kavanaugh hearing, as well as dive deep into some Tesla drama.

On this episode of the podcast, we return to the sketchy FBI story from last episode, as well as review the newest drama in the technology sphere and see if it’s really worth complaining about.

On this episode, we talk about the current state of some popular mobile games, as well as discuss a spooky FBI event and get into the nit and grit of the Moonves case.

In this episode, we discuss the collapse of Theranos, debate which GAFA company will fall first, and more! Warning: The audio is very quiet due to some problems with the microphone, but should still be audible through the vast majority of the episode.

In this episode, we go other some more IPO, as well as figure out some more classic Fortnite drama.


Here’s a link to the Frog Snatchers demo + kickstarter: